#spring4wine with Club W

I recevied a free bottle of wine from Club W and Influenster for testing purposes. I am an adult, of legal age, and work with the general public … needless to say the bottle of wine was very much appreciated. Thank you.

Okay, why should you #spring4wine with Club W?

  • For one:  they deliver the wine to your door, and the shipping is really fast. I got an email notification that my box-o-wine had shipped, and got it that afternoon. If only every web-delivery service was that fast …
  • For two: they have a wide assortment available on their website, and you can use the taste profile questionnaire to find a good match for you.
  • For three: there’s a promo code you can use right now to get a free bottle:  REFERME …
  • For four: There’s some hidden gems you won’t find at the market or liquor store.
  • For five: Oh yeah, they send you recipe ideas, so you can enjoy a wine pairing with food … Or you can just skip the food and go for the wine.

I haven’t found a wine that I like yet through Club W, I like dessert wines and really sweet reds and whites … and while I can enjoy some dryness to my wine, my husband is pickier than I am, and won’t partake. I also wasn’t aware that when I purchased the two other bottles in addition to my free bottle, that I was signing up for a monthly subscription. The prices on the wine aren’t too bad, and I’ve adjusted my taste profile, so here’s hoping I get a new favorite soon from Club W.

Enjoy some free wine–the promo code should work!


Airbrush legs


Finally got around to trying the #perfectairbruchlegs from #sallyhansen. Thanks to influenster for the free sample! This obviously works, see the top image for with and without . And it’s really easy to use, just put it on like lotion.


Harvey Prince and nude palette from the balm… spoiled Sunday.


Just got my nude pallette by The Balm and Hello! Sea Salt Texturing Spray by Harvey Prince from Birchbox.

I love anything by Harvey Prince, I have a mild addiction right now with the Hello! scent. Seriously, the products are great and it’s like:
Anytime they send me something in Birchbox. Just saying.

I got a sample of a nude eyeshadow from the balm, I think in my ipsy bag last month… and have been oogling the palette ever since. I have to say I am pleased with how big the pallette is and the quality of the packaging.

Very nice.

Hello world!

Hello world, internet, and everything else. I’m starting this blog to document the things I do, try, and enjoy. My tumblr doesn’t feel like the best place for blogging anymore.

I am occasionally crafty, so I may post adult crafts, and crafts that I make. I am a youth services librarian, so crafts are an occupational hazard. Finished and maybe unfinished.

I recently started getting items from birchbox, ipsy, and influenster (once, but I’ll volunteer as tribute again), so I may post product reviews here too.

Thanks for reading and visiting.