I received these product for free from Influenster for review purposes. The opinions are my own.

Let’s go in alphabetical order about these products!


So these cookies are so freaking good. They’re perfect with a cup of coffee, or on their own. They’re buttery and savory, and just good. Especially on a snowy day, like I did.

WOULD I BUY?: Oh, yes. Gimme gimme gimme.


This was a nice size sample. The cream is think and not oily or greasy. I’ve ben using it on my hands …. and on my face. My skin has been so dry this winter, that the cream is absorbed as soon as I apply it. I’m not sure what that says for my moisturizing needs, but I do like this.

WOULD I BUY?: Yes. It might not be my first choice going down the aisles, but if I saw it, I probably would remember how much I liked it.


I got the adorable Olaf! So there’s a million Itty Bittys at Hallmark. I picked up a Batman, because. …. well, it’s Batman. And apparently if you buy eight of them and get the stamp card you can get one free.

WOULD I BUY?: I could collect them all like Pokémon.

KISS Lashes, Posh AND NYC Waterproof Eyeliner:

I’ve never used fake eye lashes before–I’m very leary of putting anything near my eyes to begin with, and I figured fake lashes would get in the way of my glasses. Well, IT was a bit of a challenge to apply them. Influenster featured a YouTube video of how to apply lashes with the glue provided. The glue in the video was clear, I got black. There was a smudge mess, but it was easy to clean up with a q-tip and some Mary Kay eye make up remover. I think with practice I could get the hang of fake lashes.

I wore these for most of the day while out and about, but eventually I had to take them off because it was a weird sensation for me.

Also show here is me wearing the NYC Waterproof Mascara. I love NYC products. They’re affordable and a decent quality for the price. And they have all the colors. I loved this eyeliner, I used my whole sample up almost right away.

WOULD I BUY?:  Kiss Lashes:  Hmm. Probably not. I don’t think fake eye lashes are for me. But these are a nice product. NYC Waterproof Mascara:  Definitely!


It’s not the first, or the last time I’ve had tater tots. And I do prefer Ore Ida to other brands. They’re still good as I remember as kid.



Nail polish is a personal thing. And as a grown up, I am at a point in my life where I prefer the over $2 nail polish. Pure Ice is available for $2 in lots of shades, and I got the unfortunate (blue) bikini … I wasn’t a fan of this one, the polish took a long time to dry and looked kinda crappy. And I hated the color.

WOULD I BUY?: No. Pass.


That’s it! Lots of great stuff. I enjoyed this VoxBox!