nym deja vu do style extender


I received the not your mother’s deja vu do style extender free for testing from influenster. Thanks influenster and NYM brands.

Ah, springtime and early summer in Michigan. The humidity is an all time high, and the frizzy hair wants to come out and play. I’ve been wrestling with my hair for the last few months trying to find a product routine that will tame the dreaded frizz and wacky things my hair will do if left to its own devices. I was excited to get the NYM deja vu do style extender because it’s a good brand, and my frizz was going nuts.

As seen in the picture above, there is yours truly. I clarified and conditioned my hair this morning, and ran a fair amount of the NYM deja vu do through my hair and let it dry naturally. I have the day off, so there’s no need to bust out the blow dryer or curling iron. After some brushing, and letting it dry all the way, this was the end result.

Pros: it works, you can find it at stores like Target, can’t be too expensive.

Cons: I don’t like the smell, it smells very floral like roses.


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